The Boy in a Dream

Destruction and wreckage everywhere. The heat of the fire grazing his face, but the boy remained motionless. Body stiff and still, and in an instant the boy is brought back to reality by the sound of his alarm clock.

“That dream again…” the boy whispered to himself.

The alarm continues to blare for another 2 minutes or so before the boy reaches for the alarm clock to shut it off. After another 5 minutes dreading the need to go to work, the boy finally gets off his bed and begins the day.

Rummaging through his closet, the boy quickly puts on his navy blue slacks and a slightly wrinkled button down plaid shirt. No time to find another shirt he rushes downstairs to eat his breakfast.

Nothing readily available to eat, so he just decides to skip breakfast and rushes off to work.

6:30am and no one in sight, but the boy immediately drives to his normal parking and sits there for about a few minutes. Takes a deep breath and mumbles to himself.

“Just another week.. Just got to survive another week.”

Climbs slowly out of his car to begin another day.

“Fuck.. it’s cold.” again angrily mumbling to himself.

The work day begins and nothing changes. The boy worked for a large corporation. The one that your parents tell you to aim for because of their benefits and retirement plan. His cubicle was a decent size and was in a corner where no one really paid attention to him. To him it was was heaven because when things got slow he would just netflix.

No one was around, so he walked into his cubicle, booted up his computer, and slid his earphones in and began netflixing. Nothing new to watch, but it helped keep his mind off of the mundane day that was fast approaching.

8:00a sharp and just like clockwork the boy logged in and began his work. Emails to check and nothing exciting aside from the normal company wide announcement

“Updated policy.. Please review. Etc” Just the usual bullshit that he either deleted or sent to spam. The boy had two screens on his desk for “maximized efficiency” but he really just used it for netflix.

4 hours.. Lunch.. And another 4 hours. Same old thing, same old shit. Then at 5:00p sharp he clocked out and ended his day. Back in his car this time warm air remained stagnant in his car rather than the usual cold air. Boy blasts the A/C and turns on the radio to hear the same old traffic.

“Freeway backed up for miles” exclaims the radio host.

“Shit.” The boy mutters to himself.

Traffic and driving, probably the worst when it comes to his home. There’s always been discussion of moving, but that’s all that it ever amounts to. Either way, traffic for him was a good time to reflect on everything. I can change or let me do this are just some of the thoughts that run through his head.

Exclaiming over the radio, “you know what?? I’m done with this shit! I should start a business or maybe freelance.” This went on the whole car ride, the boy just yelling different ideas to do and promising to himself that he’ll start soon.. Eventually.

45 minutes and a motivational speech later, the boy finally arrives home. Both parents are home and before him and already busy finishing the errands. His dad, about the same height as him and already dressed in casual clothing approaches the boy.

“Did you eat dinner yet?” his dad asks

“Not yet, but just going to head upstairs.”

“Food is ready, just grab when you’re hungry.”

“Thanks dad.”

The boy walks through the kitchen and pass the living room. He see’s his mom passed out on the couch again with the TV on. Looks like wheel of fortune, making the boy realize that it was pretty late into the night already because it usually airs after the 6:00p news. He continues upstairs and walks up slowly to avoid waking up his mom. The moment he steps into his room the boy falls onto his bed and takes a deep breath.

“What a day…”

Turns on the TV and his room and flashes through the channels. The boy being more of a night person is more alert and begins to notice just how much of a slob he is. Clothes on the floor, study table cluttered with paper making it impossible to actually study, and lines of empty cut on the window sill. The boy brushes it off and continues to watch TV and again promises himself… I’ll do it tomorrow and slowly falls asleep.

Destruction and flames. The boy is once again awoken by the roar of the flames and struggles to pick himself up from the wreckage. Vision still blurry, but as the boy wipes his eyes and his vision clears up, he still continues to struggle with the reality that is in front of him. Skyscrapers that were once piercing the sky are now crumbled and in flames. Cars that were once mobile and have been brought to a halt by the debris and wreckage blocking the roads.

The boy begins walking forward, carefully avoiding the fire that surrounds him. He attempts to look around to see if there are any survivors, but no one else in sight. As he looks around he see’s vantage point in the form of a building that was torn in half. He slowly climbs up the building, carefully watching his step to avoid slipping. Once on top he scans the environment and in an instant his eyes widen, shocked, by the surroundings…


In an instant, the boy wakes up, still shaking and in shock from what he saw in his dream.

“What the fuck.. What the fuck.. What the fuck..” The boy was never good with words, but at this point he didn’t know what else to say.

Normally a dream wouldn’t have effected him so much, but to him it felt so real. The flames, the destruction, everything about it just felt so real, like he was really there. His head begins to hurt, so he decides to get up and grab a glass of water.

When downstairs and drinking water, he notices that it’s half past 8.

“SHIT I’m late for work.”

He throws his cup into the sink and runs upstairs to start the day all over again.

Halfway through work and his headache returns, but this time the pain continues to worsen and his vision starts to blur. Every few seconds he sees images of his office, but then it switches to the wreckage and fire from his dreams. Then the cold air from the A/C is soon replaced by the heat of the fire. He launches off his chair and starts to run through the hallway.

The faces on his coworkers start to melt away becoming nearly indistinguishable. The quiet office voice quickly turn screams of panic and terror. He tries to cover his ears with his hand and closes his eyes as he runs into the elevator. The elevator freezes for a moment and is suddenly sent into a free fall. The boy holds on to the railing on the side for dear life, and the elevator suddenly stops and then launches him up into the air hitting his head and knocking him unconscious.

The boy wakes up and hours have past. Confused and dazed he slowly brings himself back to reality.

Destruction and wreckage everywhere. The heat of the fire grazing his face, but the boy remained motionless. Body stiff and still, and the boy hoping to be awoken by his alarm clock, but the days of routine are now over and the dream is no longer a dream.

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