Why Comics and Cartoon?

So just this morning I decided to go ahead and enroll for another Udemy class. The class this time is about learning how to draw cartoons from imagination. I’m really happy that I went ahead with this purchase and that I’m taking advantage of these courses more, but I can’t help but feel… is it enough?

Is what I’m doing enough?

Will this take me where I want to go?

I mean at the end of the day I can keep going through the process, but how do I know if it’ll be worth it? I read a lot of articles today about focusing on the process and finding out the why before the how. So why cartooning? why comics? why drawing? why blogging? why animation?

I love imagining things. I mean when I’m bored or sad I start imagining myself as a hero saving the day. Or the hero who is about to be defeated, but rises. As I sit in my office cubicle, I think about things such as a newsflash or a villain calling me out to fight and then I’m rushing to the rescue. So I thought to myself, why don’t I take what’s in my head and share those stories. I truly think the idea of creating something to share with the world is exciting. Seeing people in awe of what you’ve created and wanting to know more or what’s going to happen next.

Drawing, comics, animation. It amazes me and it attracts me because there’s just so much joy behind it. It takes reality and turns into something and visually appealing. Shows like My Hero Academia or Fate/Stay Night really inspired me to think that I would love to make art like that. Even before all this.. there was always a part of me that wanted to draw. I really wish I pursued it, but there’s no looking back and just forward.

So there’s the why. Next is how, how am I going to get there? I just have to keep practicing, but now I also have to overcome the fear of what others will think of me. To do that I just have to keep blogging and trying to get my work out there. Get feedback and don’t be afraid of criticism! I’ll never learn if I don’t go to others for help. So my goal for this week…

  1. Find feedback
  2. Reach out to people
  3. Over the fear of criticism

Baby steps, but I know I can do so much if I work to overcome this fear. So breathe… and take the plunge.

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