Remember this feeling…

Here you are in this moment and you’re having a little of a meltdown or stressing out moment. Usually in this moment you find yourself standing up to snack on whatever sweet you can find or you walk elsewhere. Is there anything else I can do to remedy my situation?

I could clean my desk. Get rid of the clutter and organize my notes.

I could go ask for help, but I’ll probably just sound like I’m all over the place.

I could shut down and stop caring. That’s one way to end up losing my job. I’ll probably be fired before I get to quit.

All I know is that I need to sort out my thoughts and figure out my plan of action because I’m freaking out. Why? First, I’m forgetting all the steps for the different things I need to do. Second, the candidates that I’m recruiting for are stuck and I don’t know why because I’m the idiot who didn’t put notes. Third, managers are taking way too damn long! Like wtf?!



Game plan:

  • I should organize my notes and collect thoughts. Remember the different process and steps that I need to take.
  • Review the candidates for hints as to why I didn’t move them forward
  • Reach out to manager and come up with a new plan.
    • Potentially, I’ll have to go back to interviewing them first?
    • Or I’ll go ahead and set up the interviews. (This one is probably the best option…)

You’re going to be okay. Remember this moment and instead of snacking, I should blog and get my thoughts out. That’s one way to break my bad habits…

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