Inspiration and Motivation

Have you ever seen the show My Hero Academia? If not, then I highly recommend you watch it. After watching the first episode, I instantly fell in love with it. I admire the characters, the story, and the art. Everything about it just drew me into the show. I have to admit, that I was pretty hesitant at first because I thought that it was about another down on your luck character and how he struggles to become the best.

Then I gave it a chance… and I was in awe after watching it for the first time and my eyes were glued to the screen with every episode. What made me love it so much? What drew me to it? I think the biggest draw (for me at least) was Deku. Deku lived in a world where everyone developed superpowers called quirks, so being a hero was a career choice for a lot of people. For Deku, it was his dream and that was instantly crushed at the discovery of him having no powers or being quirkless. This devastated him as a child.. but he didn’t give up. He did what he could with the resources he had and eventually that drew the attention of the #1 hero, All-Might, which led to him passing his power down to Deku. Now Deku is on his way to becoming the #1 hero.

Okay so this sounds like another overpower main character with invincible plot armor, but something about it inspired me.. pushed me to do what I’m doing now. When I was a kid no one ever complimented me for my drawing or my writing and I accepted that I was just never good at it. I accepted that I had no talents and decided to just pursue other things, but as I grew up I still stood in awe of people who could draw and write. A part of me kept wishing.. that I could draw and write.

See in this situation Deku would have kept trying and he have kept pushing himself, but isntead I blamed my parents for not pushing me towards this. For not complimenting me on my work and for not encouraging me, but it was through My Hero Academia that I realized it was no ones fault for where I was. So I decided to suck it up and tell myself that it’s time to learn! I saw an article that said talent was just a vehicle that would get you to your goal faster, and that you can still reach your goal without it. It would just need more work and time before you finally reached it.

So Deku didn’t have quirks, but he kept pushing himself and pushing himself until one day he began his journey towards becoming a hero. So it inspired me to believe that all hope isn’t lost and that if I keep working towards my goal then eventually I’ll reach it. So I signed up for classes and I’ve started drawing and writing more. I have no regret about what I’m doing and I’ll keep pushing forward. So I’ll be documenting my journey to show myself how far I’ve come and more importantly… so I don’t forget how much work it takes to reach your dreams.

My first drawing of Deku. I only wanted to draw half and then…


I decided to go all the way. I still have a long way to go, but it’s the mini successes that count


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