The Longest Five Minutes…

Carl was sitting in his car, gripping his steering wheel as tight as possible. Trying to keep his nerves under control. To his dismay, his leg was still shaking, but there wasn’t much that he could do about that. He took a deep breath and stared at the clock.


“5 minutes early.. Not too bad. That’s not creepy at all right?”


For the next 30 seconds or so he just mumbled to himself.. “Breath.. Just breath and be yourself”


He began to recall the conversation he had with his best friend on the drive here. His best friend was miles away in California, but she knew how important this day was, so she took the time to talk to him.


“What if I screw this up?? Like I haven’t had much luck with this”


“You need to calm down… and just be yourself. You got this far, so that means your awkward ass is doing just fine!”


They both laughed and they remembered how Mako was in this same exact situation not too long ago.


Mako explained, “Look if I could do this, then so can you, just remember to.. Breath because you’re seriously hyperventilating”


“Geez.. I’m trying my best here! But.. I’ll give it a shot”


Back in the car, and another minute has passed. Carl managed to bring his nerves down a little by remembering his best friend’s advice. His phone vibrates and it looks a text message just came in and it reads.


“Sorry.. be out soon.”


Carl closes his eyes and starts to play out the situation in his head. Ok… I could do this.. Wait how about this.. No.. that doesn’t seem right.


“SHIT!” he exclaims


“No. ok it’ll be fine. You’ve been in tougher situations before. Just remember to be yourself.. Whatever that means..”


Carl begins to recall a recent memory of when he had to present in front of his coworkers for the first time. He remembered the feelings he had that day. He remembered the thoughts that ran through his head.


You’re going to mess up….

You’ll forget your lines…

You’ll speak too quietly…

Just run away…


The same thoughts of that day are now running through his head.. How did he get rid of it.. Just how…


There was knock on the window of his car and that instantly brought him back to reality. A young, beautiful girl opens the door and sits inside.


“Hi Carl.. how are you?”


Her soft, gentle voice passes through his ears. She smiled at him and.. Her face glowed. Her smile could be seen from her lips all the way to her eyes. Her eyes.. Her eyes glowed and he was entranced by it.  In an instant his worries melted away. Nothing else mattered.. Except this moment and thus begun.. Their first date.  

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