Lunch Break (60 Minutes or less!)

Probably the only part of my working day that I look forward to. Normally it signifies that half my day is over, but! I actually take it as late as possible so that afterwards I only have 2 or 3 hours of work left. Lunch break is when I get the opportunity to Netflix, I mean that’s how I caught up with all my Netflix Marvel shows!

This time around.. I think I finally decided to change up my routine. Instead of going on Netflix, I’ve decided to better my blog, to work on my drawings, read other blogs, and to communicate with the community of bloggers out there!

(Just a little secret… I’ve been reading blogs during my work hours.. shhh.)

Why this change in routine? Why sacrifice Netflix time? It’s because I was inspired. Inspired by every blog that I’ve read and I think it’s time for a change and it’s time to take action. I’m tired of feeling anxiety before going to work and I’m tired of having to force myself to wake up every morning. I want push all of that aside and put it behind me, so I’m going to keep moving forward.

I’m going to continue to write every day.

I’m going to continue to learn how to draw.

I’m going to continue to read blogs, books, anything to help inspire and motivate me.

I’m never going to stop until I reach my goals. I want to create stories and I want to tell those stories through my writings and drawings. I’m done running away from what I want and it’s time for me to take that leap of faith.

I hope you all continue to stick with me and support me through my journey. No matter what you decide to do, I want to thank you all for inspiring me to pursue my dreams and to become a better person!

5 thoughts on “Lunch Break (60 Minutes or less!)

  1. During lunch breaks I try to go outside as much as possible. Just sit on a bench and look around me. No thoughts about work or my personal life. No smartphones or colleagues talking about the office. Just me and the surrounding, people passing by…buildings… my heart beating. Taking deep breaths and enjoying the reallity and me being in the present moment…and the hour feels like two because every minute was spent in silence and awarness. Good luck.


    1. Thank you and I think that’s a really good idea. I’m currently on my lunch break and yet again I’m still sitting in my cubicle, feeling anxious as every minute passes by to the time I have to clock in. So you know a nice walk around the neighborhood sounds nice so I’ll give it a shot tomorrow!


      1. You will definitely succeed one day and acieve your goals, because you are open and eager to new experiments. Congrats 😀


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