Shiro Paladin
Shiro, the Black Paladin from Voltron

Oh boy.. this one was a tough one. You can probably tell that the eyes are a little off. I struggled with those for sure, especially the right eye. Then my pencil’s eraser were leaving pink marks and I had to find a way to cover it up. Either way it was a pain in the ass!

Also drawing things to scale was another challenge. This was actually supposed to be a full body, but again I drew the face too big and only got the upper part of the body.

Drawing in blue was nice though. I could draw lighter and I noticed less or little smearing as I drew. Problem with being left handed is that every things smears as you write….

Anyways.. had fun drawing Shiro and I hope to continue improving upon it. Now back to writing my short story!

btw.. those cute little drawings on the top left corner. Those are courtesy of my adorable, but easily distracted girlfriend! Didn’t have the heart to erase because it shows that she’s there in the background supporting me 🙂

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