The wandering thoughts of a drunk 

Tomorrow… my job will be posted and advertised. 

Reality is finally hitting me like a freight train. 

No more $21/hr job

No more courtesy cable and internet

No more benefits

No more comfy office chair

No more office parties

No more free food… well no more free food from an office

I’m trading one lifestyle for another. I’m sacrifice stability for a life of uncertainty. It’s scary to think about, but I have to ask myself… is it all worth it?

With full confidence.. I say yes

I can finally focus on drawing 

I can finally focus on writing

I can finally work when I want

I can finally live a life that I want

I will be sacrificing a lot but it’s for myself. It’s for a future that I want. So no more looking back and I just have to keep moving forward.

Through the long nights

The frustration

The doubt

The uncertainty 

This is my dream and I’ll see it through. No matter what. I have no regrets.

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