Was it a mistake?

“Why can’t you do writing on the side and work full time?”

“He’s making a mistake. Talk to him and tell him to do something full time.”

Deep down I knew it was coming, but you could only prepare yourself so much before you hear it. 

After talking to friends, coworkers, and even family. I’ve been met with more or less positive or neutral “as long as you can support yourself” responses. It was reassuring to know that I had support from a lot of people. I mean they could just be faking it, but I didn’t care to overthink it.

Then tonight I heard my decision be called a mistake for the first time. To be honest… it was hard. Maybe from some random person I could have handled it, but it came from a person who helped me find my jobs and saw my potential. So it stung a bit more than I anticipated.

What was I to do? I fumbled my words but managed to stay strong and say that this is what I wanted to do.

Was I sad? No.

I became more motivated. Motivated to prove that my dream wasn’t far fetched. Yes maybe just maybe my decision was a mistake, but at the same time it could be one of the greatest decisions that I’ve ever made. I’ve always chosen the safe path and look how far that’s gotten me.

I’m in a job I hate

I didn’t pursue my passions

I chose to invest my money in masters degree that wasn’t my passion

I don’t regret my decisions but can you imagine how different my life would be if I chose differently?

Better late than never right? 

So whatever happens. No matter the outcome. I’ll keep going and I’ll never look back.

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