A Thorny Relationship

The night is calm, and the moonlight can be seen, shining through the pitch black darkness of the night sky.

The calm night is suddenly comes to a halt, by the sound of an alarm. Then a window is shattered and a man in black jumps out onto the rooftop and begins running the opposite direction. The man in black is holding an unknown object, round in shape and thorny. Luckily, the man decided to wear gloves earlier.

Another man jumps out the shattered window. Unfortunately not as gracefully, because he realizes that his trench coat was caught on one of the broken pieces of glass. He tugs at it and it comes right off with a slight ripping noise.

The chase continues on the roof top. Both of them jumping from one roof top to another. The man in black is wincing in pain as he lands, feeling the thorns from the unknown object bearing at his sides.

The man from behind yells, “Are you sure you can handle carrying that?! It seems to me that you’re struggling!”

The man in black responds back sarcastically, “I’m not as worried, seeing as how you’re starting to run out of breath!”

The man in black realizes he can only bluff for so long as the thorns from the object are now digging into his skin. He begins to feel blood dripping down his side and now he can’t help but wonder… “This better be worth it.”

The man in Black all of sudden comes to a stop. The gap between this building and the next is a lot larger compared to the others. He turns back and see the man in the trench coat just one building behind. He pulls out a little remote from his pocket and pushes the button and a tiny red light starts blinking.

The man in the trench coat finally catches up.

“So what next? Going to jump? Going to use the thorns on those objects to cushion your fall?”

“I’m surprised Detective! You barely have any breath left, but somehow you’re still able to make some humor.”

All of a sudden, a thundering noise could be heard from the distant. The detective looks back and sees a large plane approaching.

“Is that your escape plan? How do you expect to get on that? I don’t see a runway anywhere?”

“Ah detective, again with the humor! but have you ever seen the movie The Dark Knight? One of my all time favorite movies!”

The smile on the detective’s face suddenly disappears as he realizes what the man in black’s plan is.

“Don’t you dare.” The detective starts to pull out his gun, but it’s too late.

The man in black releases what appears to be a blinking oval object that floats into the air. The plane swoops by and hooks the object. The man in black is suddenly brought into the air.

“Better luck next time detective!”

The detective already has his gun set on the man in black. In a moment of desperation, he takes a shot.

A large shattering noise can be heard throughout the night. The thorny artifact is no longer in the hands of the man in black. He watches as the shattered object falls to the ground.

The two men glare at each other. Both thinking the same thought…

“Why must you always be a thorn on my side?”

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