The Struggle is Real

I’ve posted a lot of drawings that I felt really proud of, but now I’ve decided to post everything. Even the one’s that I’m ashamed of…

Below are some drawings that I’ve been working on from my online classes and the struggle is definitely real. Architecture and curtains are my worst enemy, but it helps me to learn what my weaknesses are.

I definitely need to work on value shading… so time to start practicing!

As I draw everyday. I begin to love the process more and more. Yes, I do get frustrated and yes there are days where I want to throw everything out the window, but I still push forward. Whether it’s for 30 mins or an hour… I keep pushing forward.

So feedback and thoughts? Let me know!

(I should probably get a scanner… please ignore the shadow in the second drawing LOL)

IMG_1052 (1)



3 thoughts on “The Struggle is Real

  1. They are nice. I have seen your drawings overall they are good.

    In these 2. Common suggestion add more values to both. More shading. Especially the darker areas.
    They are neay and precise.

    I watch a lot of youtube videos to study the process. And go through pictures or actual object to have better understanding of values.

    Overall you are doing good 🙂


    1. Thank you! Yeah I’m definitely struggling with the values. I used to shade too dark and now I’m shading too light. Now I’m trying to work on my midtones more.

      Really appreciate the advice and I’ll check out some pictures and youtube videos! Thank you again!


      1. A friend here gave me this advice and it makes sense. He said try to create sharper contrast. Dont overwork the midtones.. go for the darkest and the lightest. Try doing that too. Watch a few videos about values.

        Any time 🙂


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