Drawing Feathers are a Pain



Just finished drawing a bird using a grid, and I had fun with this. I mean at least until halfway through when I realized how much details went into drawing the feathers. You can probably see that eventually the feathers became scribbles.

This took almost 3 days to finish, but it’s made me realize that drawing is something that I can’t BS. It takes time and patience to truly create something and maybe that’s why I love it and at the same time struggle with it.

It goes against my nature or my thought process (can’t think of a better word..). I graduated college early, the youngest in the class to get his masters, rose up in the corporate world, you name it. I did all of it to move up as quickly as possible, to reach the top before anyone else.

I can’t do that in drawing and it’s forcing me to rethink the way I do things. There are days like today where I want to give up, but I have to tell myself that it’s okay to have one lazy Sunday. It’s okay to just netflix and play video games once in awhile. Just remember your goal and to stay in love with the process. So I’ll keep drawing and I’ll keep moving forward.

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