Plus Ultra!!!

Finally drew All Might! Well just his face, but it’s a work in progress! All Might was harder for me to draw because of the shading. You think it’d be easy because there weren’t actual eyes to draw, but I struggled… a lot.. since value shading is my current weakness. This was a challenge, but I felt more motivated to see this through to the end. On the other hand, I struggled to finish when it came to drawing something like a fruit or a bird.

(All Might’s theme song might have helped a lot: )

Maybe going forward I should try to draw things I want… but I can’t help feel that I’ll be experiencing some gaps in knowledge if I don’t try to draw things that aren’t from my favorite animated shows… How frustrating…

Anyways! Any feedback or thoughts would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

All Might
My Reference
All Might Drawing
My actual drawing (Gf said I made him a little too chubby 😦 Got to work on proportions more…)


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