No Time to Launch!


“Houston we are a go.”


“Ok begin countdown.. 3…2…1…”

“WAIT?!” Lucy exclaims and stands up to scan the room.

“What is it…” Billy keeps his head forward to avoid showing his frustration.

“Where’s Jack?!”

Now everyone gets up to look around and notices an empty seat in the back.

“JACK!” Billy exclaims at the top of his lungs.

“Sorry sorry! What did I miss?” Jack comes running in and struggles to talk and breath. Billy shows no sympathy and just glares at him.

“Where were you?!” Billy now raising his voice even more.

“Sorry… I was using the bathroom”

“Fine whatever… ok let’s do this again”

Over the radio the countdown begins once more.

“3… 2…1..”

“WAIT!” Jack unbuckles himself and runs out. 10 seconds later he returns with a helmet.

“Sorry! Left it on the toilet”

Billy stands up once more and raises his voice, “Jack! Do you want to be an astronaut or not?!”

“I’m sorry… it won’t happen again. I promise!”

“Ok let’s do this… Again.” A tone of sass can be heard in Billy’s voice.

This time the radio doesn’t broadcast a single voice. Rather, multiple muffled voices can be heard in the background.

“Uhmmm… Billy? What’s going on?” Lucy clasping her hands and her voice beginning to show some worry.

“I really don’t know…”

Then the back opens and everyone screams!

“What are you screaming for?! And it’s time for dinner.” A woman dressed in sweatpants and a tshirt peek into the box that the kids are sitting in.

“Awwww mom… we were in the middle of a mission and we thought you were an alien!”

“Sorry no aliens today but you astronauts need your food. Come in before it gets cold!”

One by one, each of them crawl out of the box. The outside reveals itself to be a makeshift rocket. A giant empty washing machine box makes up the hull and then two long boxes are glued to the side to represent the wings. Billy looks back at his makeshift ship and whispers to himself.

“One day..”

His eyes glowing brightly under the starlit night. Now filled with determination to one day be a part of a shuttle launch, and go into the stars.

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