The Writer Who Called Himself a Fraud

“There was once a man who traveled alone… no…”

Tim sat in front of his computer, clacking away at his keyboard. His fingers somehow always finding a way back to the delete button.

“Ok what if the man had no memories of his past life… and he… and he’s in the middle of a desert.. Wait..” Tim slammed his forehead onto the keyboard, and nothing but gibberish appears on the screen.

“I’m pretty sure you just described the plot to Trigun.” Jane, Tim’s girlfriend, sits right across from him with her own laptop in front of her. She gets up and walks over to where Tim is sitting and sits on his lap.

“Hmm…” Jane glanced over the document opened on Tim’s laptop.

“What’s wrong?” Tim confused by Jane’s response.

“Well I’m reading through your outline and I don’t know Tim… like the story is good, but it just doesn’t feel like your heart is in it.”

Tim looked at Jane with a confused look and began to wonder what exactly she meant.

“Look Tim, I can tell that you’re confused, but you’re probably struggling with your stories because you know you aren’t excited to write them. You should try to spend more time coming up with a story that will make you excited!” Jane’s arms are raised both to illustrate her point.

“I get what you mean… ahhh fine. Back to the drawing board.” Tim highlights whatever is left of his outline and hits the delete button once more.

Tim once again has a glazed look on his face. His computer screen has been split into two windows. One is a blank word document and the other is a Youtube video titled “Star Wars but every time someone shoots a laser it speeds up”.

He lets off a small giggle, but then noticed the clock on the computer screen.

“Aw man.. Spent another hour watching youtube video. Why can’t I come up with a new story?!” Tim once again slumps his head down into his computer. Beaten and defeated, Tim starts to think about all his fears and worries.

Tim wasn’t always a writer, in fact he used to be a salesman and he was the best. He always enjoyed the income that came with being a salesman, but he struggled with his motivation to get to work. One day, he woke up and told himself this was it, and then he decided to pursue his passion of writing stories.

He never showed interest in writing as a child, but he always found himself in his imaginations. He then felt that writing was the best way to share his imagination with the world. Unfortunately, his biggest fear was being called a fraud, because how could he hope to keep up with the world’s best writers if he only started writing a couple months ago. He felt like a fraud, someone who just went through the motions of writing, but never really a true writer.

So Tim sat there, replaying his fears over and over again. The keyboard in front felt like it was getting farther away. The ideas in his head turned into voices yelling
fraud over and over. His hand began to slowly reach over to the bottle of whiskey. One sip and he’ll just forget it all, one sip and good bye mind.

All of a sudden, he feels a warm embrace from behind and a kiss on his cheek.

“Don’t work too hard now. I love you.” Jane’s voice reached TIm’s ears and all of a sudden he felt himself coming back to reality. The negative voices disappeared from his head and then he responded.

“I love you too.”

In that moment everything became clear to Tim. He knew what he wanted to write about and the sound of the keyboard clacking began once more.

Tim typed through the night and then found himself waking up to the sound of sniffling. His eyes open up to the sight of Jane over his shoulders. Then he realizes that she’s reading his story and he immediately gets up and tries to block her view.

“Oh my god! Wait! Did you read it all?! I didn’t even get a chance to edit it!” Tim looked directly into her eyes and noticed that she’s been crying, but why.

“Are you okay Jane?” Tim moved closer to her and placed his hands on each side of her face and wiped away the remaining tears.

“Yes I’m fine… but that story. I can’t believe you wrote about that.”

“Aw man… hope the story was okay…” Tim began to look downwards, until Jane moves her face closer to Tim and gives him a kiss on his forehead.

“I love it. I may be bias, but I think it’s your best work yet.”

“You may be a little bias.. But so am I.”

They share another kiss and then Tim goes back to his laptop to add the title of his story.

“How I met Jane”

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