Aaaaaand…. I’m done!

Just like that… November is about to come to a close. In 21 days, I’ve managed to finish writing my novel. I’m not going to lie though, my story is a steaming pile of crap, and I’m okay with that! After all, the other half of my journey does include a lot of editing and proofreading, so I plan to tackle that after taking a short break…

Would I do this again?


What did I learn from this experience?

I’m a pantser by nature. I rather write and write as much as possible until I finish. I can save my research for later, because in all honesty I didn’t even refer to my outline. The original idea of my story is somewhere in there, but in the process it morphed into something… different. That’s good! because for me it felt as if I was going on this journey with my characters. I was there watching it unfold as I wrote it.

There were slumps along this journey, and I’ve rewritten several points along the way, but for the most part it worked out… I think? We’ll find out as I reread it.

Either way, I can’t wait to finish editing this story and I’ll share it everyone once I’m done!

NaNoWriMo also has some great prizes at the end, such as submitting my story to get published, so I’m going to give that a shot too. Now that this is done and over with, I’m going to try to write more short stories again, and then also focus on drawing. Eventually, I plan to write another novel, but let’s see what happens in the next month.

Thanks everyone for your support and can’t wait to share my novel with you all!

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