Quarter of the way there….

Welp. I’m officially 25 years old, so I thought it’d be appropriate to reflect on everything that has happened so far. Kind of like Supernatural’s “The Road So Far” segment, except without music… and demons…

If I had to be honest with myself, then I’d have to say that I’ve had it really easy compared to others. Yes, I’ve had my own struggles and it doesn’t make it any less difficult than others, but I have to be grateful for the way my life is.

First off, I have a supportive family. My parents have taken care of me since… well since I’ve been popped out into this world. They’ve given me everything from food to shelter and education. They’ve been a constant support in my life, and unfortunately I have taken them for granted. We’ve butted heads over the years and even now… I’m still hiding the fact that I’ve left my job and all I do is write, read,  draw, and play video games. There’s no sugar coating it, but I am spoiled. I’ve always been afraid of telling people about my current situation, because I’ve always believed that they’ll either say “Lucky” or just scoff at how easy I have it. Luckily, I haven’t come across that situation, at least with the people that I’m close to.

Which now leads to the next thing that I’m grateful for, and that would be my girlfriend. I’m really lucky that she still wants to be with me, especially since I’ve left two good jobs in the past two months. She still continues to supports me, and I know that we butt heads a lot too (man, I butt heads with everyone lol), but I wouldn’t be here without my number 1 fan. I honestly would probably still be at my old job, too scared to make a leap, so I am very grateful to have her in my life.

Then there are my best friends. They are the few of the people that I’ve told first and I’ve received nothing but support from them. They’ve really motivated me to pursue my passions and with them, I’ve managed to cling onto whatever sanity I have left.

So what else can I say? These past 25 years have been great. I do have some regrets in my life, such as jumping into grad school without considering the long term plan, but it is what it is. The bright side is that I’ve made some good connections, so I don’t completely regret my decision. To be honest, things happen for a reason, and I’m here now doing what I enjoy because of those reasons. I am still scared, but at the same time, I’ve never felt so… happy? Like, I still think to myself… is it really possible for me to be happy right now? Ok I still stress out about money, but for now I can say that I’m in a better place.

I hope so… so here’s to more years and time to kick it into gear. No time to waste!

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