Strength like no other.

It happened quicker than he anticipated. The world as he knew it began to crumble around him. Everything he once knew and accepted fell away into the darkness. He looked below him and the ground beneath him began to crumble as well. He desperately tried to cling on to what was left around him.

It was no use.

He held on with all his strength, but his body refused to listen. In an instant it all slipped away from his hands.

There was nothing to support him, so he fell. Fell into the abyss and was soon engulfed by the darkness around him.

He heard voices. Calling for him. Begging to return, but it was no use.

He fell deeper and soon the light above him shrank.

He reached up. Grasping for the warmth he once felt in the light, but it was no use. The voices that once pleaded for him to return had gone silent. Alone in the darkness. This was a journey, a challenge, that he needed to do on his own.

Overcoming the darkness around him will be no easy task, but by struggling and fighting for the light. He will discover a strength that he had never known before, but for now. The boy reveled in the darkness around him.

The journey begins…

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