Beyond the Fog…

For the first time in years the horizon in front of Saul stood clear. The waves crashed beneath the cliff he stood on, and the stars glimmered in the skies above him. Amazing. Saul struggled to think anything else of it as he stood enamored by the view in front of him.

Saul had lived a life of darkness, and was born into a world covered in fog.  He grew up with no knowledge of a world without fog and no one could explain to him why.  Everyone had just accepted that this is how the world works and went on with their daily lives.

Tears streamed down Saul’s face and he fell to the ground still unable to accept the reality that stood in front of him. After months of traveling he found himself seeing things that everyone had thought didn’t exist. The ocean breeze blew past him and new smells began to register into his brain. He looked down from the sky and saw a vast blue ocean beneath him. The stars reflected off the ocean and he found himself itching to get a drink of it. So much water! How could we have not noticed this before! 

That’s another thing. The ocean. People called him crazy for believing in things such as stars and oceans, but now he found himself smiling. The ocean. The stars. All of it exists!

“Screw you all!” He yelled at the top of his lungs. His voice reverberated through the canyon behind him. That’s right this was no easy journey. He turned and saw the canyon he traversed still covered in a thick fog. Anything past a mile or two remained hidden from view. The world hidden in the fog just seemed so small now.

Then he felt a warmth like no other. He felt it all around his body and soon he found himself at ease. He turned away from the fog and towards the sun that was now rising in front of him. It’s light stretched over the ocean and towards him. The warmth… it was so different from the fog. The cold that once gripped his skin had disappeared and he felt an entirely new feeling like no other.

The journey to get to this moment was treacherous. Yes indeed Saul had almost died on more than one occasion. He even found himself wondering why he left the comforts of home. His mind played tricks as well and eventually he began talking to himself because  he missed the company of others. Then he recalled how no one was willing to journey with him. So he put them in the back of his mind and accepted that everyone chose safety and comfort over him.

He knew what had to be done and he eventually decided to begin his journey alone. Saul had no idea what laid at the end of the path, but he didn’t care. Anywhere was better than here. Now after months of traveling he found himself looking towards the sun rising over the horizon. There was nothing holding him back anymore, so he faced towards the future. Ready to take it straight on.

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