Bewildering Situation

I was left bewildered by the sight before me. I strolled down the dimly lit hallway. The walls were bare. No doors, windows, or any sort of decoration. It was just plain white walls covered in various blotches of dirt and water stains. There was a chill in the air that caused me to shake regardless of the thick hooded sweater that covered me.

Where am I? How did I get here?

My head thumped as I struggled to recall the events leading up to my current predicament. Memories flashed through my head. Images of a familiar woman, the orange glow of the sunset, and then darkness. I tried to force myself to remember more, to bring out longer strings of memory, but I decided against it. The pain threatened to split my head into two.

My attention returned back to the hallway as a light flickered further down the hallway. The light revealed a large set of double white doors. The large golden doorknob glistened in the distance. The sight of the door was alluring, but the dark hallway still casted a fear of doubt and suspicion. What laid in the darkness? Was it worth traversing forward knowing that there was a possibility of finding nothing beyond the door?

I inched forward and the floor beneath me creaked causing me to recoil back. The door seemed so far, and the darkness continued to grip me. I breathed in and then out. I walked forward once more. Slowly. Then another step, increasing my stride each time. The door grew closer and soon I stood in front of it. I reached out, but then hesitated.

What awaited me beyond the door? It might be worse than this place or… it might be better. Only one way to find out. I pushed the door open and held my breath. There was no point staying in the darkness, so time to move forward.

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