The “Genius” Trainee

“All right everyone! Time for a pop quiz!” “UGHHHHH” The class yelled out in unison because they all knew how unfair Mr.Jameson’s pop quizzes were. “... and remember the person who scores the lowest has to clean the equipment room.” All of a sudden I feel everyone’s eyes piercing me. I sink into my seat … Continue reading The “Genius” Trainee

No Time to Launch!

*Click* “Houston we are a go.” *Click* “Ok begin countdown.. 3…2...1…” “WAIT?!” Lucy exclaims and stands up to scan the room. “What is it…” Billy keeps his head forward to avoid showing his frustration. “Where's Jack?!” Now everyone gets up to look around and notices an empty seat in the back. “JACK!” Billy exclaims at … Continue reading No Time to Launch!