Everybody Insists

I insist you do this. Insist. Everybody insists. What about what I want? Well I guess the question that I need to ask myself first is... what do I want? Tristan found himself at the bar again. Drinking shot after shot to forget today's event and yet each shot only heightened the emotions he felt … Continue reading Everybody Insists

A Simple Gesture

The truth hurts. Drake knew that, so he found himself avoiding the truth like it was the plague. He had multiple methods for avoiding the truth, but perhaps his most favorite method was alcohol. It didn’t require a lot of thinking or effort except maybe when he had to guzzle down cheap booze. He could … Continue reading A Simple Gesture

The One Way Trip Express, The Unexpected Outcome

Author's Comments: All right folks! Time to reveal my master plan, that I only created just yesterday! NaNoWriMo is approaching and I struggled and struggled with what kind of story I planned to write. Action? Mystery? Suspense? Romance (my girlfriend would laugh at me because I suck at writing romance). That's when it hit me. … Continue reading The One Way Trip Express, The Unexpected Outcome