Crescendo – The Most Intense Point

The boy was wandering around the darkness. Unaware of his surroundings.

Where is everyone? What’s going on? It’s too quiet.. the boy thought to himself.

He hears a noise in the distant. A thumping noise. He starts walking towards it. The boy now thinking why? Shouldn’t I be running away from it.

The thumping noise becomes louder and louder. The boy is no longer walking, but he’s now running towards the noise. He comes to a large door and now the thumping noise is just right behind this door.

He takes a deep breath and musters all the courage from within and pushes the door open. Just outside is a man in black… taking punch after punch from a man twice his size. The boy is frozen.

What do I do.. what do I do..? The boy thinks to himself.

Then he notices.. the man isn’t going down. He’s taking the beating like it’s nothing. His arms are up deflecting the punches.

Who are these people? and why are they fighting?

Then his memory starts to trickle in. He begins to remember bits and pieces. Then he notices the larger man starting to slow down. He begins to run out of breath.

Then in an instant the other man in black retaliates. His punches are as fast as lightning!

1-2 punch.. dodge. 1-2 punch. Over and over. Punches getting stronger each time. Then he pulls his fist back as far as possible and BAM. His final punch then brings to fight to a

The man in black looks at the boy and says…

“Don’t worry.. you’re safe now”

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